The Silverado Archery Club is a private member only archery club. Within its 22 acres, there are two separate National Field Archery (NFAA) chartered ranges containing 14 targets each, a field target range and a hunter target range. Directly in front of its clubhouse, which encompasses a large sheltered deck area, are a 10-60 yard Target Range, 900 Round Bales, Broadhead Target, Moving Target, Lawn Darts and a Paper Tuning Target.

In the late winter months and the early spring months, heading into deer hunting season, we host weekly Thursday night 3D shoots followed by dinner. We are an active club with a wide array of personalities. We also host other types of events throughout the year. In years past we have also hosted regional championship tournaments.

Membership to Silverado Archers is on an annual basis from January 1 to December 31. The cost of membership is:

Family membership = $165 per year
Single membership = $150 per year

The annual membership to Silverado Archers includes an annual pass to Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa, CA.

To download the 2024 membership application click HERE.
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